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The Cheese and Meat Festival proudly benefits the Washington State Cheesemakers Association (WASCA). WASCA works to support Washington cheese and cheesemakers through education, promotion, and collaboration amongst its members and partners.


In the past decade, there has been substantial growth in the production of high-quality cheeses in Washington State. Today, Washington cheesemakers offer an enormous variety and diversity. Over eighty licensed cheesemakers in the state are offering farmstead or off the farm, artisan or conventional, small batch or large batch, original or traditional style cheeses from cow, goat, and sheep’s milk. There is certainly no shortage of choices.






“Flagship: Fifteen months of aging nurtures the flavor and texture of Flagship to perfection. With hints of browned butter and caramel, Flagship is a versatile cheese that is balanced, dense and creamy. New Woman: Adding Jamaican jerk spices creates a savory cheese that’s earthy, nutty and spicy. With its complex, smoky flavor, New Woman is just as delicious melted into your favorite dish as it is on a cheese plate. Marco Polo: As adventurous as its namesake, Marco Polo blends creamy cheese with lightly milled green and black peppercorns, resulting in a cheese rich in savory umami and butter notes. Flagship Reserve: Flagship Reserve is a special version of our signature Flagship cheese. Traditionally clothbound and open-air aged allows for a slightly lower moisture and a higher salt content. Thus, the flavor is rich, the texture is dense, and it delivers a clean, creamy finish. At the 2022 Annual American Cheese Society Conference (ACS), Flagship Reserve was named the best clothbound cheddar in the country. Flagship Reserve also won Gold at the World Championship Cheese Contest earlier this year, so it’s on a roll! Fraunheimer Fine Meat – American Wagyu Sausages and Hot Dogs: Flavor is king with Fraunheimer, representing the pinnacle of bringing together the very best of two meats, American Wagyu beef and Heritage pork. Humanely raised, the American Wagyu beef and Heritage pork that becomes Fraunheimer sausages and hot dogs is exceptionally flavorful and has no added hormones or chemical food additives, delivering an authentic deliciousness all its own.”


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